Photo: Eirik Havnes


with Siril 

Siril Malmedal Hauge and Kjetil Mulelid have made themselves known in the Norwegian music scene in recent years. With active touring, a Norwegian grammy nomination, and several album releases praised by the worldwide press, they have distinguished themselves as a safe voice for the 21st century in Norwegian music life. Since they studied at the legendary jazz department in Trondheim ten years ago, they have worked regularly together - first as the core behind the jazz/pop project Fieldfare, and then through Siril's own solo work with album releases, as well as concerts at most jazz festivals and clubs in Norway's nooks and crannies. In parallel, Siril has distinguished herself through a duo project with ECM artist Jacob Young, with two releases, awards from Japan, a nomination from the "Independent Music Award" in New York, and touring in large parts of the world, such as Europe, Japan and South Korea.

Hauge and Mulelid are now ready to perform as a duo, and a mix of original songs and new covers of well-known cover songs can be expected. The music is characterized by Hauge's clear and expressive voice and Kjetil's quirky piano playing. It is music in a catchy landscape, but with a good dose of resistance and surprises that take the listener into their musical universe. December 2022 their debut album will be released on the Japanese record label Blue Gleam, and 17 March their album will be released on Grappa Musikkforlag world wide. 

Photo: Jenny Berger Myhre at Vigelandmuseet

Our first album will be released on Grappa Musikkforlag March 2023

- Blues and Bells (grappa 2023)


- ⅚ - Nettavisen 

- “Crystal clear. Evergreen qualities” - Dag og Tid (NO)

- “A duo release that will stand for decades to come” - Nettavisen 

- "Sounds both timeless and fresh at the same time" - Morgenbladet

- “Perhaps the most beautiful record of the year, Blues and Bells” - Radio Revolt

- "A beautiful album that stresses that less is sometimes quite a lot." - Eyal Hareuveni

- “An extraordinary, emotional and beautiful album”. - Laboratorium Muzycznych Fuzji 

- “A fine duo record from two of Norway's very best jazz musicians in the lyrical department” - Jan Granlie

- “Everything seems simple in this album with multiple resonances, very worked and rich in its details”- Culture Jazz (FR)

- “Genuine co-created music, where two strong individual voices intertwine and create something completely new together” - SaltPeanuts*

- “The two have created something that aligns itself comfortably to a long-standing tradition whilst also offering a fresh and original take on it.” - Textura (CA)

- “Quiet and intimate and possessed of considerable emotional depth this is an album that succeeds in its stated aims and which has the potential to reach out to a wide listenership.” - The jazz man (UK)