Modes for All Eternity

Wako & Oslo Strings - Modes For All Eternity

Genre: Jazz, Avantgarde Jazz, Classical

Label: AMP Music & Records

Release: 20.01.2017

Availabiliy: Vinyl, CD, Digital Streaming

Guest: Erik Kimestad Pedersen, trumpet

Modes for All Eternity» is a daring new conceptual album by the nordic jazz quartet Wako in collaboration with string ensemble Oslo Strings. It will take the listener on a journey through ancient times; featuring chilling suspense and drama, introducing a five-part suite and honor truly remarkable persons such as the great Greek lyrists Sappho and Emily Dickinson.

Wako & Oslo Strings consists of seven young established musicians, whom received much praise doing various projects both on the Norwegian and the International scene in 2016. They are known from bands such as Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, Espen Berg Trio, Megalodon Collective, Trondheimsolistene and Trondheim Symphony Orchestra


"Eit spennande og fargerikt resultat." - Roald Helgheim, Dagsavisen

"A cooperation with buoyancy and originality" - Terje Mosnes / JazzNytt (NO)

"It is an engaging work of expressive reach and austere beauty." - Fritz Balwit, Audiophile audition (US)

"The musicians delivers in a way that makes this album a true joy to listen to" - Jan Granlie / Salt Peanuts (NO)

"har på et usedvanlig personlig vis makta å skape musikk og forutsetninger for at alle sju skal kunne møtes på like fot i et landskap som henter hemningsløst fra både et klassisk og et improvisatorisk utgangspunkt." - Tor Hammerø, Tor de Jazz

"This music draws deeply on lots of ideas and traditions but brings them together in a very personal and distinctive sound" - Mike Collins / London Jazz News (UK)