Kjetil Mulelid Trio - Piano

Label: rune grammofon

Release: 12.03.2021

Availabiliy: Vinyl, CD, Digital Streaming

Engineer: Dag Erik Johansen
Kyrre Laastad

Master: Karl Klaseie

“Mulelid's playing is magical. Subtle, playful and then powerful, he sets out his melody lines. Just listen to how fabulously he lifts Far Away to heavenly heights. Impressive.” - Written in Music (NE)

Still only 29 years old when composing and recording this album, Kjetil Mulelid is one of the brightest talents in Norwegian jazz, and these days that really says something. Kjetil was sceptical when we first suggested a solo piano record back in early 2018, fully aware that solo piano in jazz is considered the ultimate challenge. But the idéa slowly grew on him and when the pandemic exploded and other plans had to be scrapped, he suddenly had the time as well as the means to do it. Thus the bulk of the album was written in a hectic lockdown period and recorded on a steaming hot June day in the legendary Athletic Sound studio on their unique and characteristic Bösendorfer grand piano from 1919. Of the piano Kjetil says the sound is one of a kind, very clear and not typically “perfect” like most new ones. We can only wholeheartedly agree, it sounds great and is also very well recorded and mixed, giving the impression that you sit next to him, and not in a concert hall. In turn melancholy, joyful and playful, always elegant, the album fully shows Kjetil’s harmonic and melodic mastery and the influence from early introductions to classical masters like Debussy, Chopin and Beethoven. Whether staying with the tune or taking off on improvised flights, there is an ease and assurance in his playing that betrays his young age.


"Impressing” - Lars Mossefinn, Dag og Tid (NO) 

"The performances are perfect in every respect" - Adam Baruch (IL)

"Offering listeners beautiful variations and nice moments" - Etherreal (FR)

"A collection of interesting, and very beautiful tunes" - Audun Vinger, DN (NO)

“Another Norwegian piano trio sounding absolute amazing” - SoulandJazz (UK) 

“We're totally digging the direction they're headed towards. Check.” - Nitestylez (DE)
“Some of the most captivating music I’ve heard in quite some while” - Jazz Journal (UK)

"A beautiful discovery: a trio with great melodic charm" - Claude Loxhay, Jazzhalo (BE)

“The feeling of inspired freedom in between a great melodic framework.” - Vårt Land (NO)  

“I can tell you that a good feeling, is to listen to this album!" - Geir Rakvaag, Dagsavisen (NO) 

“This is music that breathes a pastoral atmosphere (...)played with elegance” - Vital Weekly (NE)

“An album which should find favor with all lovers of contemporary piano jazz” - The Jazz Man (UK)
Mulelid treats themes and melodies in a new and elegant way" - Arild R. Andersen, Jazz i Norge (NO)

“The interplay of this trio, as well as the touching melodies testify to great mastery” - Plattentests (DE)

“Sound as if they could improvise freely together as easily as playing compositions.” - All About Jazz (INT)

“«What You Thought Was Home» is definitely one of this year's most central releases in Norway” - Lars Junge (NO)

“Kjetil Mulelid Trio is probably one of the most interesting acoustic jazz trios in Norway these days” - Stemmegaffel (NO)

The Kjetil Mulelid Trio plays lyrical, ballad-oriented jazz, and they’re not afraid to play pretty.” - The Absolute Sound (US) 

“Temperament and fullness. There are notes from Norwegian folk music and American jazz - Niels Overgård, Jazznyt (DK) 

“Interesting and sometimes not obvious references. Pleasant to the ear, which is not lacking in sophistication.” - Donos (PL)

“They sound like an incredible good constellation. The trio has huge potentials ahead of them in the future!” - Ivan Rod (DK)

“This honed and beautiful music will leave a new spiritual landscape to the inner surface of the audience” - Kiyoshi Kouyama (JP) 

“A classical piano trio but has its own ability to balance stoic tranquility and improvisational urge” - Deichmanske musikkblogg (NO)

“While Kjetil Mulelid plays with a maturity beyond his years, his rhythm section adds layers of magical music” - Dereksmusicblog (UK) 

“Maybe I'm just easy these days, but this album is so gorgeous and beautiful that it's difficult to critisies it." - Maren Ørstavik, Jazznytt (NO)

“This trio may not found yet a solid, concrete home but in their own special way have created a true musical haven.” -  Eyal Hareuveni (IL)

"Overall feeling of music delivering the equivalent of a warm embrace make this an eminently worthy follow-up to their first release." - Mr. Stu (US)

"Mulelid writes inspired piano music for a classic jazz trio -free improvisation to almost classically composed etudes for solo piano (" Far Away ") to typical Scandinavian songs, such as in the beautiful composition a wedding march" 4/5 - Klenkes (DE)

“The allegiance to Keith Jarrett is clear throughout this haunting suite of originals by this Nordic pianist Mulelid, whose subtle

patterns fit right in alongside other ivory tinklers on Rune Grammofon.” - Jazzwise 2019 

“The three raise their thoughts to the art form” - Nordishe Musik (DE)