For some years I have been working with the strings of the piano, and how to include the inside of the piano in my music. There are a lot of other pianist and improvisators that include the whole piano in their playing, but mostly as an effect. In addition to using it as an effect, I want to combine it with my playing, mostly as a melodic element. In my studies I have been inspired by a pizzicato technique that a double-bass player sometimes uses in the higher register. Depending of where on the piano you want to work, you place either your thumb or middle finger carefully on the string, and pluck the string with the opposite finger

My goal is to include this type of playing, in not only solo piano, but also while playing with others in a band, to interact with others.

Here is a video of me playing the Christmas tune: Es ist ein Rose entsprungen.

© Kjetil Mulelid