Photo: Henrik Fjørtoft


Recorded my first solo album in June 2020, and I'm now planning to do some solo projects in the upcoming years. 

More info to come... 

"So, lately, I’ve been addicted to the music of Kjetil Mulelid" - Bird is the worm (US)

“Mulelid's playing is magical. Subtle, playful and then powerful, he sets out his melody lines. Impressive” - Dick Hovenga (NE)

More info to come.


"Mulelid amplifies the material with intelligence and taste." - Textura (CA)

Mulelid treats themes and melodies in a new and elegant way" - Arild R. Andersen, Jazz i Norge (NO)

“He's not only a fascinating good pianist who draws on music that goes as far as psalm, folk, and classical as free jazz, he also knows how to translate thes into strong compositions” - Written in Music (NL)

"Mulelid presses the piano keys, as if he could make the difference between longing and melancholy, with powerful and agile cascades, ostinate increases, pearly embellishments." - Bad Alchemy (DE)

"Mulelid has carved out a distinctive niche for himself, neatly straddling the cusp between composition and improvisation and avoiding the clichés of both American and Scandinavian jazz." - The Jazz Man (UK)

“The allegiance to Keith Jarrett is clear throughout this haunting suite of originals by this Nordic pianist Mulelid, whose subtle patterns fit right in alongside other ivory tinklers on Rune Grammofon.” - Jazzwise 2019 

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