not nearly enough to buy a house

Kjetil Mulelid Trio - Not Nearly Enough To Buy a House


Genre: Jazz, Avantgarde Jazz

Label: rune grammofon

Release: 27.10.2017

Availabiliy: Vinyl, CD, Digital Streaming

Engineer, mix and master: Karl Klaseie


Following in the footsteps of In The Country and Espen Eriksen Trio, Kjetil Mulelid Trio is the third piano trio to appear on Rune Grammofon. Although they can be placed in the same musical landscape, it´s also fair to say there are certain obvious differences. There is a solid dose of youthful playfulness and curiosity at work here, at the same time they show an assured maturity that belies their age (26, 26 and 29). The music is based on compositions by pianist Mulelid - inspired by everything from psalms to free jazz - but there is also room for collective improvisation. It can be energetic, rhythmically complex and harmonically rich, but also intimate and with a beautiful melody. They work purely with acoustic sounds and timbres and are constantly reaching for new ways to express themselves within these frames.


"Best of the year" - Jez Nelson, Jazz FM (UK)


"It took me several listens to fully realise just how magical this album is" - Andy Hamilton, The Wire (UK) 


“Mulelid leads his young trio in a program with a maturity that contradicts their age” - All About Jazz (US)


" They play their namesake's ideas with exuberant dedication and tremendous understanding of every nuance. The songs sound logical, as if they have always been there. (...) Mulelid and his two equally young colleagues reveals timeless quality" - Volkmar Mantei, Baby Blaue (DE)


"They mixes together sparse zen-funk and folk song-based vernaculars" - Jazzwise (UK)


"This trio is really speaking with its own voice and they left me with huge hunger for more, so I will stay alerted and will be looking forward to the next chapter to come – Not Nearly Enough To Being Done With Them." - G point audio (UK)


“The richness of harmony and energy makes the youthful curiosity to be presented twice as mature. And this is what we get. Perhaps slightly dispersed but extremely intriguing.”- Konrad B. Puławski, Laboratorium Muzycznych Fuzji (PL)


"We must commend this outstanding trio for its original exploration of the possibilities of the trio" - Fritz Balwit, Audiophile Audition (US)


"Wealth of motifs, exchanges and great interaction art without the maximumistical deviation of the tasteful." - Olav Opsvik, Jazznytt (NO)


"As pretty and elegant as something Bill Evans trio might have performed at the Village Vanguard” -Ron Schepper, Textura (CA)


"There are both something Nordic and some Keith Jarrett in this trio, but most of all is there a stability and a motion in the music, that grows for every listen in an inspiring way." - Niels Overgård, Jazznyt (DK)


"This is really a great first album by a trio with multiple strong assets: compositions that let glow new sides with each listening, performers who flawlessly feel each other and support one another generously" - Paul Godderis, JazzHalo (BE)


"Keith Jarrett floats past, but Trio Mulelid turns the story to their own advantage. The interaction consists of flaws they should be proud of" - Arild R. Andersen, Jazz i Norge (NO)


“Promising debut, which shows enormous potential and interest” - Adam Baruch (IS)

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