01.12.17 //

Many great words and reviews of "Not Nearly Enough To Buy A House".

Thank you - I'm so thankful and glad for every words we get!


Look up some of the reviews here.

Buy the album at Rune Grammofon

Stream the album here



Also a new trio video is uploaded to YouTube of the tune "Fly, fly"

27.10.17 //

Tour with my two new albums.


Touring in Norway (and a few in Europe), the next three weeks with my two new albums. Look up dates on my calendar.


Thanks to Norsk Jazzforum, MFO and FFUK for financial support for the tour.

13.10.17 //

Kjemilie album release!


We're releasing our second album, Bakkekontakt, 13th of October on Øra Fonogram, featuring the great violin player Håkon Aase. An album I´m super excited to share with you. We will also play some release concerts in October and November:


06.10 - NRK P2, Spillerom (Norwegian live radioshow)

24.10 - Levanger Jazzklubb

27.10 - Sunndal Jazzklubb

28.10 - OssTålast, Oppdal

29.10 - Øra Studio, Trondheim

31.10 - Viken Folkehøgskole, Gjøvik

01.11 - Majorstua Kirke, Oslo

02.11 - Hamar Teater

04.11 - Timanifestivalen

05.11 - Eidsvoll jazzklubb

08.11 - Sjømannskirken i Hamburg (DE)

09.11 - Sjømannskirken i Costal del Sol (ES)

11.11 - Sjømannskirken i København (DK)

23.11 - Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek

24.11 - Tre Brør, Voss


Great art work by Tami Yalonetzki

Big thanks to Henrik Fjørtoft, Karl Klaseie, Jo Ranheim, and Norsk Jazzforum.


Thanks to Norsk Jazzforum and MFO for financial support for the tour.

27.10.17 //

KMT album release!


We're releasing our first album 27th of October on rune grammofon.

The trio format has always been something special for me, and i'm now so

much looking forward to show you my personal view of that.

We will also play some release concerts in Norway in October:


11. Oct: Moskus, Trondheim

13. Oct: Thon Hotell, Ålesund

14. Oct: Café Sana, Bergen

15. Oct: Osasalen, Voss

25. Oct: Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo

26. Oct: Fremtidssmia, Hurdal


Great art work by Kim Hiorthøy.

Big thanks to Karl Klaseie, Rune, BandOrg and Norsk Jazzforum.

Thanks to Norsk Jazzforum and FFUK for financial support for the tour.

22.09.17 //

Wako release!


We released a new version of the "I Died for Beauty" with Oslo Strings and the amazing vocalist Rohey Taalah.


Hope you like it.

12.06 - 17.06.17 //

Wako tour!


I'm going on a smal tour with my three brothers in Wako. Hope to see you.

Thank you Norsk Jazzforum and Stikk.


12.06.: Mandagsklubben, København (DK)

13.06.: Piec Art, Krakow (PL)

15.06.: Mampf, Frankfurt (DE)

16.06.: Porta Jazz, Porto (PT)


05.06 - 08.05.17 //

KMT news!


I'm so happy to announce that I'm releasing my first self titled album with my trio in October on Rune Grammofon. The album is of course recorded, mixed and mastered by the legend, Karl Klaseie, Øra Studio/Greener Mastering (Norway).

In June we're doing three concerts in Denmark en Belgium.


05.06.: Mandagsklubben, København (DK)

07.06.: Koncertkirken, København (DK)

08.06.: 27bFlat, Brügge (BE)


20.04 - 06.05.17 //

Norway tour with Kari Harneshaug.


We are on a tour in Norway. Playing 8 concerts. See you.


20.04.: Harøya Skole

20.04.: Harøya Skole

21.04.: Terminalen, Ålesund

22.04.: Trondheim Kunsthall

03.05.: Gregers, Hamar

04.05.: Kroa, Bø i Telemark

05.05.: Blå, Oslo

06.06.: Black Box, Gjøvik


09.-15.03.17 //

Europe tour with Kjemilie


We are on a tour in Europe. Playing 5 concerts at Norwegian Seamen's church. This is going to be so much fun. See you.


09.03.: København (DK)

10.03.: Rotterdam (NE)

11.03.: Waterloo (BE)

12.03.: Brussel (BE)

15.03.: Stockholm (SE)


14.-21.02.17 //

Tour and new record with Kjemilie


Recorded a new album with Kjemilie, featuring the great violin player Håkon Aase. More info will come. We also played 4 concerts in Trøndelag, Norway.


In March we will do a Europe tour. So much looking forward to everything!



10.02.17 // EP RELEASE

Fieldfare - Fieldfare

Øra Fonogram

Read more


Releasing our EP with Fieldfare. Six tunes, recorded in Ocean Sound Recordings. We're also doing a release concert at Kulturhuset in Oslo:

12.02 - Kulturhuset, Oslo (N)


Thanks to Norsk Jazzforum, BandOrg, Christina Undrum,

and my dear Maya Skonseng!


20.01.17 // ALBUM RELEASE

Wako & Oslo Strings - Modes for All Eternity

AMP music & records

Read more


We're also going on a release tour:

18.01 - Hamar Jazzklubb (NO)

20.01 - Eidsvoll Jazzklubb (NO)

20.01 - NRK P2, Spillerom (Norwegian national radio)

21.01 - Dokkhuset, Trondheim (NO)

30.01 - KoncertKirken, Copenhagen (DK)

31.01 - Skurups Folkhøgskole (SE)


13.01.17 //

KMT have recorded our debut album, and we're really stoked.

More info will come :)


Thank you Karl Klaseie, the best sound engineer there is, and Øra Studio!!


05.-11.12.16 //

KMT on tour.

We're touring in Central Europe, playing four concerts:

5.12.: Krakow, Piec Art Jazz Club

6.12.: Krakow, Piec Art Jazz Club

7.12.: Paris, Maison de Norvegè

11.12.: Copenhagen, KoncertKirken


Thanks to MFO, FFUK and Norsk Jazzforum for financial support!


23.11.16 //

Fieldfare - Sweetheart

A video featuring three fantastic dancer - wow!

We're releasing our EP i February.

Video by Eivind Walberg


16.11.16 //

Jazznytt/Jazz i Norge wrote an article about me.

Read it here


01.11.16 //

Wako & Oslo Strings - Song for All the Annettes (AMP Music & Records)

A single and video from our upcoming album - hope you like it.

Looking forward to share more of this music


iTunes // Tidal // Spotify // Soundcloud



14.10.16 //

Fieldfare - More Easy For You (ØRA FONOGRAM)

A single from our upcoming album - hope you like it.

So proud of this beautiful music:


TIDAL // iTunes // SoundCloud //

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